Secret Sex Society (2019)

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The folks at Britain's JoyBear Pictures, led by producers Samantha & Justin, have a knack for making Couples-friendly Adult features, very easy to watch whatever the content.

This one from a new filmaker simply named "Ed" is about a secret sex club near town (Barcelona, as usual in recent shoots) visited by heroine Julia Roca by invitation where the various sexual activity, some of it kinky, is met with glee and smiles by all. There are no dramatcs here, in keeping with the philosophy of hedonism that permeates most JoyBear releases.

The small cast performs double-duty, not the usual vignette structure of say five sex scenes with 10 participants. Most impressive are the two Julias, with Roca having a lesbian scene with co-star Julia De Lucia. De Lucia also has an IR romp shot as if amateur footage, paired with Bishop Black. A familiar face from the JoyBear troupe, Sicilia, is on view in the finale, getting an Oiler rubdown from well-hung stud Sylvan.
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