Little Blue Box 1979

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A self-described "horny but faithful" husband (John Leslie), disappointed by his wife's (Jennifer Welles) frigidity, tries to spice things up with the help of an adult home-movie system sold to him by the lovely Miss Azure (Welles again) and featuring the mysterious "Channel 69."

Several well-staged sex scenes, including one with the lovely Leslie Bovee, fleck this relic of the golden age of adult flicks. It's got an endearingly corny sense of humor, too (Miss Azure, "Little Blue Box", get it?): Leslie's snacking scene when he finally unlocks the secret of Channel 69 is a hoot.

The move to video and virtual plotlessness in modern adult cinema has robbed the genre of much of its charm, methinks. This one represents what it was like when porn was still Film-making.
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