Like Mother, Like Daughter (1973)

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Wanda and Tricia, a kinky mother and daughter are having lots of fun living together with mom's second husband. As a family, they live by the rule that the family that stays together does everything together. They also have swinger parties with their friends. But when mom's first husband returns from a long trip and finds out about what's going on on the home front, he blows a fuse and tries to prevent his daughter from continuing to live with the swinging step-dad. Not wanting to disrupt a good thing the daughter talks a girlfriend (who she has the HOTS for) into a little trick against her dad, who does not know what she looks like as an adult. The girls leave dad high and dry and upon understanding the ruse daddy dearest decides not to try to gain custody after all they really are Like Mother, Like Daughter.
Tags: mother, daughter, 1973
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