Sexual Heights (1981)

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Inviting tasty Tawny to take care of their imaginary offspring (a doll in a cot ; she doesn't even bother to check !), they pretend to leave the house for a night on the town. In reality, they are lying in wait until each of them can get a piece of baby-sitter butt. Once the simple situation is sketched, the action rarely lets up with Tawny phoning her girlfriends for much-needed reinforcement against the boinking battalions. Busty brunette Holly McCall (the annoying waitress from Sam Weston's NOTHING TO HIDE) and lithe honey-blonde Lysa Thatcher (mesmerizing star of Howard Winters' NEON NIGHTS) each provide their own potent brand of sensuality. Cast as a pre-teen, one shot wonder Lolita Grant looks all too credibly under age however, giving her enthusiastic participation in the film's climactic group grope an alluring whiff of the forbidden that might sit uncomfortably with more politically correct viewers.
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