As Seis Mulheres de Adao (1982)

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The movie is about one man, called Adão, played by Davi Cardoso, who is a women dangler. Davi Cardoso is also the director of this and many other movies of the so called gender "pornochanchada".

In the movie, Adão is rich and strong, and makes sex with a lot of girls. He has sexual relationships with six girls, each one is minutely shot. It is not a pornographic movie like the actual ones found in the internet, it is quite different, not only by the story, but also by the way it is shot. Only in the first scene there is explicit sex, the others are simulated (or seems so).

The comedy has great laughs, most of them during the sex scenes. But the serious acting is poor, not spontaneous, seems to be forced.

As the pornographic aspect of the movie the actresses are hot, but Davi Cardoso is very narcissistic, and many sex scenes focus on him, which is very unpleasant for male audience. There are a couple of shots that causes disgust like the scene he receives massage from a gay butler, or the one the camera focus on his flaccid dick.
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